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Setting Goals

As the new year approaches us, we all start to think of resolutions, personally I like to call them goals. I tend to look back at the past year and see where my life has taken me up until this point. Then, I make a list, a list of goals I would like to achieve this upcoming year.

Goals are important, because it gives us focus on the things that the universe is telling us we should focus on. Of course, like all humans we are the ones that make or break those goals. Setting goals helps us believes in ourselves, especially when we hit those goals and then-some! This helps fuel your fire, your passion your ambition. It helps us become accountable for the changes we would like to see happen within our selves, it gives us inspiration that we have the tools to make these changes happen.

Goals should be easily attainable, something that you are wanting to work on, work towards or make better. Take small bites out of what your goals are and if you want to make them bigger bites, even better! I like to make a list and hang it up where I can see it every day. As I work on the goals listed and complete them I check them off. This is not to say that that goal is done, it shows that I have met that particular one and Now is the time to make that goal even better than before. For me, it helps give me focus, it's like a challenge to myself, at times when I feel like I'm just floating around with no direction and start a bunch of projects that never get finished, setting goals to finish them makes me feel better about myself.

So sit down, jot down some goals you want to set for yourself in 2019, Don't worry if you cant get to all of them, you can carry those over for the next year, put them on the top of your list. Create a vision board for the things you want to manifest in your life. These do help!

Stay tuned for more blogs, as I start to not over think what I should write, and let my guides, well, guide me.

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