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Lady Rhiannon's Code of Ethics. 


First and foremost, what I do comes with a great amount of responsibility. I like to have a code of ethics because I love what I do and respect it wholeheartedly, and each and every person who sits with me, I respect just as much, I ask that the same respect is given in return. I truly am judged by accuracy, ethics, and integrity. My readings are given with the understanding that you are an adult with your own free will. I am not responsible for actions or events which might happen after your reading.


Every single one of my readings, whether it be in person, or online are completely and totally confidential. I prefer to do readings one on one, even during a party, this ensures confidentiality and undivided attention from both myself and my client, this is due to many things that can come up during a reading, as each and every one is very personal. If you wish to share your reading with another individual(s) that is entirely up to you. I will never discuss your reading with another individual. If you want to know about a person(s) reading and contact me asking me about it unless it is a situation where the individual is going to be harmed in any way I do not discuss readings to anyone.


I do not read for third parties.  I adhere to the Pagan law of accountability.  This can be viewed here. LAW OF ACCOUNTABILITY. Simply put, if the individual did not say it was okay for me to do a reading for them, and they are not there I will not read them.

I encourage all of my clients to record their sessions, that way you can revisit them, as readings can become very information heavy and detail oriented, it is natural to miss something, or something may not make sense at that very moment and if you have any questions you can have them ready for your next session if you so choose. If you have specific questions, or if you would like the reading to focus on one or two specific things, by all means, let me know, remember this reading is for YOU. I am here to help you with whatever questions you may have.


Readings can be incredibly emotional, do not feel silly if you start crying or laughing or both! It is part of the process. I am a spiritual counselor and healer. I will continue to grow my knowledge to help and give you the best advice possible.  Tarot cards are a tool to help connect with the divine. They give you what you need to know at that moment to get through whatever you are going through at that moment. Do not be discouraged if what comes up in the reading does not happen right away, or at all. Life is constantly changing, and readings are not always 100% set in stone.


I take what I do incredibly seriously, and I do ask that I get that respect in return. Please do not treat what I do as a parlor trick, be dismissive or treat it as evil or insult me or my beliefs if that does happen I will dismiss you as a client and ask you to not return or contact me.  I have the utmost respect for every single person who comes to me, please, do the same. I am always open to any and all questions, even if you are not completely sure as to whether you believe in what I do. If you are not interested in a reading, that is okay!


I am a very upfront reader and to the point. I never sugar coat anything, if something needs to be brought up, I will bring it up during the reading. Sometimes readings do not go the way you may have expected them to, this is because your guides want you to focus on what they know to be important. Also, if I ask certain questions, please answer them to the best of your ability, some information is better than none at all, this way I can make sure that your reading is going the way it needs too, and if I have to focus on a certain thing or not.


YOU are in control of your life, your destiny. As said above, the cards are a tool for guidance. I will not encourage you to become dependant on me. I limit my readings to no more than 3 per month. For an individual.

I do not do readings for anyone who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

I will not and cannot give legal or medical advice. If you are not sure where to turn for those issues I will glad you direct you to the proper channels.

I only read for adults 18 and over. No exceptions.

As always, referrals, and reviews on our pages are very important.  Do not hesitate to contact me directly after a reading if you have any questions at all. I am here for you!



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