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Lady Rhiannons Realm

Tarot, Oracle and Witchcrafting
©Rhiannon Spaziano
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About Rhiannon

Lady Rhiannon sign


Just a little bit about yours truly. My name is, in fact, Rhiannon. I was born in Dec of 1976, a shy, quirky kid that never fit in. As I grew I embraced that, and became a not so shy, quirky adult.  I am a pagan witch, tarot and oracle collector and enthuisiast, and I tattoo and I own my own tattoo and wellness studio called Phoenix Tattoo and Wellness Center

I have always loved the ways of the divine, I remember my first tarot reading at the age of 12 and thought I NEEDED to know how to do this. I bought my first deck and had no idea what the heck I was doing, I relied a lot on books and became frustrated with it.  Yet I persisted. I took classes, talked to my fellow tarot friends and then, one day my best friend Danny said: "Your intuition is all you need." That is when it hit me...I need to just go with it!

It was not until I decided,  years ago to put the books back on the shelf and let my intuition guide me.  It has literally been a wild ride ever since. Thus, Lady Rhiannon's Realm was born. I wanted a "home" of my own. I want to do more than just readings, I want to teach the world about spirituality as a whole, the universe, and my personal path. So, here we are!

Have a look around, make yourself comfortable, check the blog, head on over to my youtube section and check out the videos and all the fun things I have planned for The Realm.  I love to teach and love to learn. Feel free to comment on my posts, or message me directly if you have any questions!

Love and light!

Read my Code of Ethics to learn more about me! 

Tarot and Oracle Readings

Lady Rhiannon

Oracle cards are similar to traditional tarot cards, the difference is they are not as structured. Both the Oracle and Tarot allows me to be able to hone in to the energies of my clients, and their guides. 


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