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Witching on a budget

One of the many things I love, love LOVE about paganism is for the most part there is no right or wrong on how to get started, and how you should set up your sacred space. The only thing you should really focus on is the question “Does it resonate with you?” This is where this particular blog is coming into play.

Witchcraft does not need to be expensive! Chances are you can make your entire altar for free if you really are creative enough. This is not to say that expensive, lavish altars and sacred spaces are not wrong, quite the contrary! If that resonates with them, and they can afford it then that is amazing! If you go back to my Witches Altars blog you will see where I mention that altars can be any shape or size. Of course depending on how you set up your altars, you can pretty much easily find all of your elemental right out in nature. Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. You can look up correspondences to see if a particular item as a certain energy. I HIGHLY recommend Complete Book of Correspondences by Sandra Kynes. This book is beyond amazing, and put together so well. Of course you can search many websites about correspondences as well. There are loads of information out there.

So, witching on a budget. Let’s look at what you probably already have in your home. Chances are you have a table top, shelf or something with a flat top that you can designate as your altar/sacred space. Do you want to use an altar cloth? If so, do you have any spare fabric, or an old sheet that you could probably paint or draw on. For your chalices if you have any wine glasses or goblets that you don’t really use, that can be used as your chalice. Wands can be easily made from sticks you find on the ground, you can decorate them or leave them plain. I am fortunate to live near the ocean so I can find plenty of sea shells, rocks and such. I also live near quite a few forests where i can also find wood and stones. Don’t forget to thank the gods and goddesses for their gifts!

Head on over to your thrift store, something like Savers or equivalent, they always have some really awesome knick knacks that can be used for your altar. They have candle holders, cups, small offering plates, jewelry boxes that can be converted into cupboards, you may also find a spice cupboard for your witches herbs and oils Candles can be purchased at the dollar store, they work excellent and they are cheap! The sky's the limit.. The key is to be open minded! I personally, love to recycle and re-purpose items for my sacred space. It not only gives this item a new life, but it keeps it out of the landfills, which helps the goddess. Your sacred space is YOURS. This is your energy being put into this, don’t be overwhelmed and feel as if you have to go way out of your budget to achieve the perfect space for you. Mother Earth provides us with everything we need. Creating your sacred space is one of those things she provides us with.

If you wish to purchase herbs, oils and incense, buy in bulk if you can, that saves money in the long run. Typically local health food stores have bulk herbs, seeds and oils. You can also create your own incense blends, but be sure to study on what you can and cannot burn! This is very important. Check out Scott Cunningham's book Incense Oils and brews.

Share your ideas! Are you a witch on a budget?

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