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Grounding and Protection

When you hear grounding, do you think of when you were a child and got into trouble? While, that may be one way of thinking of it. When we talk about grounding, it means that we are essentially “planting our feet into the ground” This can be literally done on the actual ground completely barefoot, or if you are meditating you are sitting on the ground, and keeping your body “grounded”.

In today’s world we are constantly bombarded with stress, noise, media and everything is go, go, go! We forget to take some time to ourselves. Grounding is important for everyday life, to get us balanced spiritually and emotionally. It is particularly important when we are working with spirit and doing any spell work and divination. Grounding helps us not only keep ourselves “rooted” but it helps us with focus. It helps us with manifesting as well as keeping the day to day stresses and “mind junk” away. The essential emotional baggage we really do not heed to be carrying around.

Protection is equally as important as grounding. Protection is protecting yourself from unwanted energies, this can be from other people, places or events that are happening. Life can be emotionally draining in general. So when you ground yourself, you are opening up your psyche, you are relaxing and getting that “mind junk” clear, when you do that you are being more open. This is where protection becomes crucial. Especially if you are working with spirit or doing any sort of ritual work. Here are a few personal tips that I am going to share, with how I ground and protect, from simple and easy to a bit more ritualistic.


I often hear people say they either don’t have time to mediate or they have trouble keeping focused for long periods of time. This is very common for a lot of us! Especially when we are just getting into mindfulness. Mediation is very important to do, and I like to do it in the morning before my day starts and in the evening before I settle in for the night. You can mediate for a few minutes, but just doing some breath work. Sit comfortably, breathe in slowly for 4 seconds, hold for four seconds and exhale for 8. Do this three times, and you will start to feel relaxed. This is perfect for grounding

You can set up your altar, light candles, listen to music, burn sage or protection incense blends and meditate for how long you wish, or you can sit just for a few minutes relax in your living or dining room.

How to visualize.

Prior to mediation, be sure to sit comfortably, either on the floor, a pillow or on a chair or bed, making sure your feet are flat on the floor. Take your first breath in, and visualize roots growing from the bottoms of your feet into the floor and ground, exhale and visualize all the stresses and negativity exiting your body. In hale again, visualizing white light and positivity, holding for 4 seconds, and exhaling for 8 seconds, releasing stress and anger, repeat the process.

Visualize white and gold light surrounding you. Some people visualize a big fluffy white blanket surrounding them, protecting them from any outside negativity and energies. When you feel completely at ease, and protected, visualize the roots from your feet coming back up to the soles and slowly open your eyes. Keep that protective energy around you. You will find that you are more alert and happy. Repeat throughout the day if need be.

Do this prior to any tarot work, divination, or ritual work, this not only protects you from negativity and entities that you don’t want to come around, but it will open you up to your guides, your teachers and other light beings to assist you in your workings and path.

Simple techniques:

Just simply doing what you love is very grounding and meditative, and it also protects you! For example: going outside, go for a walk, keep your cell phone in your back pocket and enjoy nature, relax under a tree or near the ocean. Reading your favorite book or blog. Drawing is also a form of meditation, writing or any sort of creative workings.

Simply light a candle and clear your mind of restrictions and negative thoughts, send your intentions out to the universe. Take a bath or shower, and visualize your stresses going down the drain and you clean your physical body. This helps as well if you are feeling other energies and get overwhelmed, sit on the ground or go outside or in a quiet room for a moment and just visualize those roots growing from your feet. It helps!

There are so many ways to ground and protect yourself, You can make it as simple or as complex as you want! It is all up to you!

I am always open to other ideas and techniques from other people! Feel free to comment!


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